Last night I (1749) played Lichess rapid 10m. game as black against much higher rated player mushu2000 (1898). As I said before it is special pleasure to win against 100 or more points higher rated player. Well that happens last night. I played game without mistakes almost like some pro and destroyed his rocks, after which I had even time for exhibition to give him Rock for Bishop due to lack of time just to win faster. I almost feel his anger near the end. It's all human I get angry when I lose vs 1550 ranked player, too. I want to share with you this game because this is one of highest ranked (not highest) win for me.

We played my favorite Italian opening Hungarian defense variant. After opening I initiated attack on his left flank Bishop while he wanted to move his Knight near castle to better attack me. I don't know why he gave me his Pawn on A line. After move 18 he tried to push his Rock forward to increase attack, but I responded on clever way. I didn't forget to move King in the castle and after move 20 when I push Queen I became dangerous to him. I discovered his Queen toward my King line and decided to block eventual Check by moving Pawn. I continued in clever way noticing that his Rock is almost in trap and decided to push black Pawn forward in attempt to capture it. After move 33 it was clear that his Rock will soon be mine. Then cracker move 35 Knight b3, check and attack on his other Rock. That was destroying... Game was decided, but I have got 1-2 minute until timeout and I decided to eat his Bishop with my Rock (I had 2 Rocks advantage no big deal), and soon he surrendered!

He resigned and denied me joy of giving him tuturutu (Check Mate), I felt his anger near the end, but what else to say than Tawamba,Tawamba,Tawamba you're playing Chess almost like pro! :) If you want to analyze the game all game is here: