It was long time ago when lichess player Tawamba wrote a chess article on scorum and it's end time to do this! You probably watch football like Tawamba, maybe even support quick counter attack squad like Tottenham too, but have you ever asked yourself is it possible to play counter attack chess ? I did and I have answer yes it is!

I played against user debabrata2020 who has little lower rating than me. Yes I know I fell like Fabio Paratici from above 1950 to only 1800, I was on the edge of losing, but then out of nowhere storm like counter attack in Bentancur, Kane, Deki, Son style happen. It was more less boring lazy beginning with ball in possession or initiative in chess in opponent's hands.

Soon after home side white start threatening and situation started to change from bad to worse for visitors or black.


Will it be "one of those afternoons" when game will be decided in first half ?


Oh it doesn't look good, I need space a lot of space, empty space to play this game just like Spurs in football, but it seems I have troubles with opponent high press... What shell I do ?

End is near I feel like it's a matter of second when they will score goal, but wait! We get the ball and it comes to Harry Kane! he sent one long defense cracking ball just where he should! Check!

He pass to Son it's great chance and it's in! You are never safe from Harry Kane!

Home side enter into goal machine and couple more happen very fast!

Home fans are running away from terraces, they can't watch this obliterating.

It's all over! What to say ? I deserved to lose, I played some s*t chess, but thanks to a set of happy circumstances I catch him on break. Before you point to Tawamba saying you lucky <censored> see this. I am better than 76.9% players on lichess. I am what Del Boy would say crem de la crem among better 23,1%!

Oh yes those were the days of concentration and calm play when I had rating of 2013. It was couple of months ago, but real life worries, marriage problems and stupid money management lead to fall to 1750 and now I am wiggling around 1800 where I belong...

The best winning streak was 11, while losing was 9. It's scary how much time I spent playing chess on lichess.

Come on fans calm down, I don't deserve this...

Yes the counter attack chess is possible!