Today I (Tawamba 1763) played Xmind (1732) in a rated Rapid (10+0) game of chess. Opponent was not so high rated, but the game was prety exciting. Both of us had deadly check mate combination, but I was faster for 1 tempo and won. As I pointed out in the past I am by no means chess pro, I am just casual amateur player.

We started Sicilian Defence Smith-Morra gambit. After several peaceful moves stage for attack has been made by both of us. Castles on oposite sides, pawn in charge on enemy castle. I usually have difficulties to defend myself from pawns in situation like this and decided to move Pawn from c2 to c4 in attempt to exploit weak position of his King and Queen as they are on line and prone to my rock attack if I remove/exchange pawn and move his Knight away.

Soon after both of us went in attack. I noticed his threat of check mate but my Knight protceted me at this point. I decided to remove his pawn on a6 with my Bishop and to block diagonal of his Queen with Pawn in hope that he will move his other Knight in front of his Queen. He did just that. I forced Bishop exchange. Once he moved King to b7 I checked him. He tried to offer Queen exchange but I had better idea to persecute his king.

Soon situation became lost for him as my Rock checked him and he was forced to block check with his Queen. Rest was very easy finishing.

It must be frustrating when you are 1 move to check mate oponent, but you can't move because oponent is faster for that one tempo/move. If someone wants to analyze entire game it is here.