Today I managed to win versus eralpts, a player with slight higher rating than mine. It was exciting amateur Rapid game of chess plaid as usual at Lichess mobile application. I managed to escape Check Mate trap, then he run out of time and surrender after few big mistakes. You can see it at

After classic opening he decided to eat Pawn at e4.

Soon his Queen came at d5 and I of course attack it with my left flank Knight.

He returned his Queen back, then we made castles.

He developed his Bishops too, I moved Bishop and queen and attack his Bishop with Pawn. I wanted to eat his Bishop so he does not have Bishop pair.

Here it became interesting. While my white Knight was at e4 I could eat his pawn at h6 with Queen, then after he eats Queen with his Pawn to attack his King and Queen with my Knight and take his Queen and get advantage. Instead I made bad move Knight from e4 to g3 and then he has eaten my pawn. I can't eat his Bishop because my Knight will fall after so I attacked his black Queen with Pawn. After I remove it from diagonal I can eat his Bishop I thought. He moved Queen do d7 and wanted my other Pawn if I eat his Bishop.

It looked like deadly trap for me, I saw possibility for him to move rock and Checkmate me so I moved Queen to try to prevent it temporary. I was afraid that all my pieces will fall in preventing Checkmate.

He decided to change pieces to get some extra Pawn, but he was short on time.

I knew that he will fall on time, so just continue to play without to much thinking just time-wasting. :)

Then he made move which I don't understand and then surrender.

I am not to much proud on this game, he should win it, but I somehow managed to avoid his Check Mate and later to win him. Win is win after all. Keep in mind that we are amateur players with rating around 1700-1750.