With Covid-19 spreading all around world only thing we can do at the moment is to do some E-sports or play some chess. Today I played few rapid games losing 1 winning 2 on Lichess. I liked this win the most. I'd call it "Go little you'll become Queen" :) As you can see my rating is again little bellow 1800, opponent was from same range and I managed to win him. King can't catch two away lonely pawns.

It was unusual opening where we exchanged Bishops in early stage of game. Soon after we exchange Queens and game turned into Pawn,Knight and Rook game. One of my Knights stand good deep behind enemy lines, but he managed to force me to exchange it. Then he had advantage on my left flank and chance maybe to wipe out my Pawns there, but he didn't do it. He unadvisedly let my rook penetrate behind his lines and it did big mess in his lines. However I had only 1 pawn more than him, he had one clear of any opposition with only Knight able maybe to stop it, while I had 2 confronted with his King.

I knew there is no way King alone can stop them because if he remove one other will promote. His Knight was to far away while mine was just close enough to stop his advancing Pawn. When he moved Knight removing one of my other Pawns I sacrificed right Pawn for promotion of left one with simultaneous attack on his King and Knight. After losing his Knight he surrendered.

You can watch entire game here on Lichess web site: https://lichess.org/OGuXTZs4#0

I have no doubt he could win this match too, he had his opportunities, but he lost tempo and let me do serious attack over right flank which was crucial in this chess game.

If he push c Pawn down now and come with Knight there he would probably win this game or in the best case for me it would be very though for white. Instead of that he retreated with Rook and allow me penetration like this which lead to my advantage.

It seems that rank of around 800 is my limit in rapid Lichess games because whenever I go above I quickly return bellow to around 1750 with few loses and then come back after few winning and so on in circles.

Thanks for reading.