In times of this dangerous virus and almost all sport canceled one of things we can do is playing online chess. I played plenty of games and lose a lot of them like I started to play yesterday. My concentration is lower because of this bad news all around the world. However last night I won player donolivo77 like black after very nice attack on his King. I was on edge of losing with dangerous position, but at this point he made mistake and retreat with his Knight and gave me chance for counter attack. You can watch entire game here:

He gave me Pawn in early stage of game for some reason. I can't tell if he didn't see my Bishop can eliminate it or he planned to clear g line toward my King for his Rook. My King was to much exposed, but I managed to defend Pawns in front of him. He made dangerous move with Knight threatening simultaneous attack on my Queen and Rook. I offered Queen exchange which he rejected. I then attacked his Knight, but instead of defending it with other Knight or Pawn he retreated giving me tempo move. His bad move exposed his a2 Pawn and allowed me penetration into his castle. Well I first exchanged my useless Knight at edge of the table and then penetrated inside his castle.

He was forced to make some space for his King because he was under direct check mate threat. He decided to eliminate my Pawn on f4 with his Bishop. I then checked him with my Bishop on b2. After that he moved left and I moved my Rook on e8 to block this escape route. He returned Knight on e3 covering that line, but then I checked him with Queen on h5 forcing his King to go on my Rook line of fire. Knight d4 and new check with moving Knight on more dangerous square and his King find himself on f1.

It looked like he escaped. I decided to make big trap here. I moved Rook to f8 to pin his Bishop in hope he will go with Queen on g6 after which I could eliminate his Bishop with Check forcing his King to move left and then force Queen-Rook exchange by moving other Rook on g8. That ability to see 3 moves in advance is my maximum in chess when I am good concentrated. He could try to defend that Bishop with Knight on d5 or by moving Queen to g or f3, but I had Knight and Bishop capable of attack that his pinned Bishop. I doubt he could defend it in longer term.

Well he did just what I expected Queen on g6 and I eliminated his Bishop and enforced Rook-Queen exchange. He tried something with his Knight after, but he was in deadly trap. After Queen d5 check he retreated on g1 just to receive one more check with Knight forcing him to retreat left to get check mate with Rook h4.

It was not game between chess professionals, I have no doubt both of us made plenty of mistakes during this game, but I found out my attack and combination for the end very nice. I regained rating above 1800 after one not so nice fall to 1760 few days ago when I played like i am completely blind losing couple of games in a row.

Thanks for reading and keep safe, maintain distance from other people, wash your hands often and avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth or ears with fingers.