I am delighted to announce that Tawamba took down biggest scalp in chess. Player Atharvabakhare with rating of 2120 lost game as Tawamba returned to winning ways in Lichess reaching again rating above 1800. Before you proceed with analyzing you must know that very hot wind from Sahara is going over my country causing to big temperature. My concentration was not so big because of that. I made a lot of mistakes, I was completely lost and only thanks to his bogus move I won. I didn't even know I am winning after last move, I just wanted to check him to save Knight, but then app showed 1:0 for Tawamba. I tought what ? How he check mated me ? Did he surrender ? What was going on ?! Then I saw he is in check mate thanks to forgotten Bishop on the biggest diagonal. I made mistakes, but he made mistake of all mistakes. LoL

Game started again with Sicilian Defense: Staunton-Cochrane Variation where I moved pawn to b3 before time letting him to remove my e5 pawn. I saw that after move, but on my surprise he did not remove it but played pawn g6 to develop his dark bishop.

1 e4 c5

2 c4 Nc6

3 Nf3 d6

4 a3 Nf6

5 b3


6 d3 Bg7

7 Bb2 O-O

8 Qc2 Rb8

9 Be2 b5

10 cxb5 Rxb5

11 Nc3 Rb8

I quickly protected e4 pawn, then attempt to put my dark Bishop on same diagonal, protected it with Queen, develop light Bishop and then made castle. He made castle too and enforced pawn exchange and then run away to 8 row with his rook.

12 Rb1 Qb6

13 O-O Qxb3

14 Qxb3 Rxb3

15 Bd1 Rb8

16 Bc2

He brought his Queen at b line, I saw that and possibility for him to remove my pawn, but I decided to make castle. I know that removing pawn on b with Queen could be poison for side which do that. I hoped I could do something useful after on b line. We then exchange Queens and I tried to force his rook away from my half of field. I might lost pawn, but put 2 bishops near each other.


17 Nd2 Nd4

18 Ba4

He took initiative attacking my Knight on f3. I am not big fan of doubling pawns on f line. It was impossible to defend that Knight effectively so I decided to move it to d2. He moves his Knight to d4 attacking my light Bishop and I moved it to a4. At this point he could check me, I would remove hit Knight in enforced exchange after which he could remove my central pawns, but he did not do that. He decided to move dark Bishop to h6 attacking my Knight again. My answer was Knight to c4. He moved light Bishop to e6 attacking that Knight again. I moved it to e3. If he wants it so hard he could finally initiate Bishop Knight exchange.


19 Nc4 Be6

20 Ne3

On my surprise he moved his light bishop to b3 enforcing Bishop exchange now which I accepted. He removed my light Bishop with his knight threatening simultaneous attack on my both Rooks on d2. I moved Rook from f to d1.


21 Bxb3 Nxb3

22 Rfd1 Bxe3

23 fxe3

He made long waited bishop-knight exchange doubling my pawns on e line. Then he moved his other Knight to g4 initiating what he thought deadly attack.


24 Nd5

Now things became interesting as I moved my Knight to d5 defending my pawn temporary. At this point I thought if he moved pawn to e6 to force my Knight away my e3 pawn will fall but I can check him and after he attack my Knight with his rock I can jump to c5 and attack his other rock and get some initiative. I didn't see that this would be check mate for him. He could easily defend here with rook move from f8 to e8 to protect that pawn and then move e7 pawn to force me escape from d5. But guess what he moved pawn from e7 to e6 thinking probably about e3 pawn only forgetting my Bishop on b2 which makes Knight e7 check mate!


25 Ne7#

At this point popup from app jumped up saying game is over. I thought what the hell is going on ? How did he check mate me ? Did he surrender what was going on how can it be ? I looked more carefully and saw 1:0 for me. How can it be ? Then I looked more carefully and notice that he is in check mate because my Bishop! LoL What a nice surprise in this already lost game!

I wonder did he let pacer win him for some reason or didn't he really see it was check mate ? Maybe in his country temperature was higher then in mine and his concentration might be lower than mine who knows.

If you like to watch all game you can do it here. This is second player with rating above 2000 in Lichess rapid games who fell in front of Tawamba.

Thanks for reading and remember this is pure amateur play. I promise I will study more carefully Sicilian defense (on Wikipedia) to open pieces better in next games.