Chess basic book says Pawn value increase when game approach to end. Thanks to that rule I managed to win player Memosev despite "Chess blindness" or "Free Rook giveaway" which took me twice during this game. Fortunately two near by Pawns close to promotion can sometimes be stronger than alone Rook. You can watch entire game here:

Rapid 10 minute game started with unusual unknown opening with a lot of Pawns pushed forward. I made quick castle, while he decided to chase my Bishop. At this point I decided to clean up his two Pawns with Knight and to check him with Bishop after and then to try to conquer remaining Pawn on his right side to have two clear Pawns on left.

After he covered himself with Knight I check him again with Rook on e1. He covered with Bishop e7, but I increased attack on it by moving Queen to e2. I wanted to give him some hard time and to delay his castle for a while developing my pieces. After his Bishop b7 move his c Pawn fell and I had 3 clear pawns on left for his one Knight. According to books that's more less equal position. He nervously exchanged Bishops to unpin his Knight, but now my Queen went on that position. Finally after that he made long waiting Castle.

I didn't lose time, but developed Bishop on f4 and Rook from a to d1 increasing pressure on his Knight. After his attempt to defend it with Rook on a7 and my Knight e5 I felt like his Knight is mine. He made not so clever Knight c7 move and allow me to remove his other Knight on d7. Exchange of Queens happen moment after. He moved Knight on b5 attacking my Rook.

That's when first wave of chess blindness took me. Instead of moving pawn to a4 for some reason I made the stupidest move I could make and moved Knight who protected my Rook to c6. It was like Aurier or Sanchez from Spurs attempting to clear high ball in football... Blunder lol... He took my Rook and gain advantage in material.

After that in shock I didn't see I can take his Bishop, but moved Pawn attacking his Knight. After he escaped attack I removed his Bishop releasing all is not lost for me yet. It was not only removing Bishop but also check. After that I moved Bishop to d6 so it's protected by Pawn and cover attack on his Rook. What I wanted was Knight g6 check and taking his Rook. Of course he saw that obvious attack and moved his Rook.

This time light of enlightenment pass through me and I noticed that if I move c Pawn and he remove my Bishop after he'll lose Rook for Pawn after. It'll be nice Bishop-Rook exchange which should turn game on my side. It was not to smart trap because he could eliminate that Pawn with Knight, but he did what I expected he'll do. He became greedy. Now I had clear two Pawns advantage and something which looked like already won game. After some Rook-Knight chasing on the board he made this move attacking my Rook and Pawn. That's when chess blindness took me second time in this game.

If I move to b1 he'll do check and Rook attack not good so why not protect Pawn on a1? LoL. I remembered rule if King and Rook are on squares with other color Knight can't attack them both. What I didn't see was obvious thing a1 square has been under fire of his Knight. How wtf ? was my reaction when he removed my Rook. One more already won lost game I thought.

Only thing I could do now was quickly push Pawns in hope one of them will gain promotion. They were to fast for his bad positioned pieces and once Queen went out with simultaneous attack on King and Rook it was game over. He surrendered at that point.

In my defense it was night game near 22 o'clock from bed after heavy headache which forced me to take Panadol Extra pill. I also lost game before that by player named LoCelsoGio. :) I know I didn't play this game to well, but I ended up like winner at the end.

Thanks for reading.