I won player Capiman (1806) in exciting Lichess rapid 10 minute game. Position was difficult, I was at the edge of defeat, but somehow succeed to fight off his attacking attempt. There was Rook for Knight sacrifice with Queen trap after. At the end he ran out of time, but his position was not to promising. I think he would lose this game even if his flag was not down.

Game started in some kind of Old Sicilian defense opening. After early pawn and Knight exchange my other Knight ran on other side where my castle should be.

1 e4 c5

2 Nf3 Nc6

3 d4 cxd4

4 Nxd4 e5

5 Nxc6 bxc6

6 Bd3 Nf6

7 Bg5 Be7

8 Nd2 O-O

9 Nf3 d6

10 h3 Qb6

11 b3 Re8

12 O-O

After end of opening board looked like this. Castles on same side, his Queen more active than mine, but his light Bishop not developed. I retreat with my dark Bishop to attack his Queen, which he blocked with c pawn. After few moves with pawns he moved his Knight on h5 initiating attack and possible jump on f4 which would be very dangerous. I decided to move g pawn forward to prevent that.


13 Be3 c5

14 c4 Bb7

15 Qc2 Nh5

16 g3

He moved his f pawn just like computer suggests. He probably wanted to initiate pawn exchange and clear diagonal for his light Bishop.I moved King to h2 to move away from line of fire of his Queen, he retreated Queen to d8 doubling fire power on that diagonal where his dark Bishop is. I moved pawn to h4. I don't like this Castle opening it is dangerous. He then moved his f pawn down to attack my dark Bishop. Then his Light Bishop fired up on h3 field. Situation was not to good for me at this point. I moved my Rook to g1 to be on same line with his King and to protect my g pawn. His Bishop came to f4 to attack Knight which I protected with my light Bishop. After his Rook move to f8 I doubled protection of Knight adding Queen on that diagonal. He then moved his Knight to f6 attacking my e pawn.


17 Kh2 Qd8

18 h4 f4

19 Bd2 Bc8

20 Rg1 Bg4

21 Be2 Rf8

22 Qd1 Nf6

23 Ng5 Bxe2

24 Qxe2 Qd7

My Knight went to g5 to threaten Queen-Rook attack on e6. He forced Bishop exchange before prevented that attack with his Queen. I decided to make g3-f4 pawn exchange with taking his other pawn with Bishop and clearing line for Rook. After his attack with h6 Pawn i retreated Knight on h3 to protect the King.He was not comfortable on same line with my Rook and moved his King on h7. I put him on line with Queen by moving Queen to d3 threatening to move e pawn and to open check on hm.

25 gxf4 exf4

26 Bxf4 h6

27 Nh3 Kh7

28 Qd3

He moved Knight on g4 giving me check. I decided to take some risk here and to remove it with my Rook. I don't like Knight jumping with check around. I saw I can move other Rook on line and maybe do something after.


29 Rxg4

After that he removed my pawn on h4. It was good thing he can't remove one on f2 because Knight is protecting it. This gave me opportunity for long waited e5 move to check him and to take some initiative here. Queen came to g6 after threatening direct check mate on g7


30 Rg1 Qxh4

31 e5+ Kh8

32 Qg6 Rg8

33 exd6 Bf6

He defended it with his Rook, I continued attack on his Bishop with removing of his d pawn. He decided to move it to f6 to protect g pawn more probably afraid of check mate, but he just blocked his Queen and made her vulnerable to Rook g4 move. Queen has been trapped! He was forced on Rook Queen exchange and situation turn to my advantage in terms of material.

34 Rg4 Qxg4

35 Qxg4 Rae8

36 Qf3 Ref8

37 Qb7 a4

38 bxa4 Rb8

39 Qc7 Rb2

40 d7 Bd8

41 Qe5 Rxa2

42 Qxc5 Rxa4

43 Qd5 Ra5

44 c5 Ra4

45 Qd6

After few next moves my pawns start to advance toward promotion,he run in clock problems and finally his flag fell after move 45.

I think he was in losing position anyway, he was short on material. Queen is worth like 2 Rooks and I had extra Knight and Pawn here. My Pawns almost reached promotion. Check mate on h6 after Bishop-Pawns exchange waited in the air too. It was losing position in any case.

I think he made blunder at move 43 when he moved his Bishop to f6 blocking his Queen diagonal. If he moved it on d8 he could retreat Queen after Rook attack. Queen could go to f6 which would be enough for defending and leave him with extra material in probably winning position. Maybe I could do something after Queen h5 after threatening check mate with it on h6 and on King h7 check him with Knight, but I guess we'll never know. His fear of check mate costed him this game.

You can track entire game here. Remember this is just amateur play, far away from categories or pro chess.