I played like black against Horass, player with slightly higher rating than mine. I won in not so clever game where both of us made some big mistakes. It was Lichess rapid 10 minutes game. If you like you can track this entire game here: https://lichess.org/r1rU7vnO#80

I was not alerted during opening and allowed him to catch my Knight and Bishop in "scissors", then like I'm completely blind I decided to remove that Pawn with Knight wrongly thinking I'll get two Pawns for it not seeing obvious thing that his Queen is protecting it. Then I learnt what's the time in this game and decided to start quick attack on his castle hoping for eternal check draw.

He probably thought he destroyed me and didn't think much and allow me dangerous move with Queen threatening him with direct check mate or enforced Bishop/Rook exchange. After I forced his queen away of e line I saw opportunity to check mate him on e1, but his Knight didn't allow it. Now in analyze I can see I could safely remove g3 Pawn with check, because his f Pawn has been pinned with my Bishop. That move would force his King left and my Rook could check mate him it two moves on h5. If his King goes right it would be direct check mate.

I missed this opportunity to finish him and let him exchange Queens and left him with advantage in material, but I could trap his Bishop in attempt to level that situation.

Now instead of pushing f Pawn and feast with his light Bishop I exchanged Rook for Bishop and Knight leaving him advantage in material. Fortunately when I initiate Pawn attack on his Bishop he retreated clumsy and allow me to do my own scissors trap for him and situation turned into my favor. Chess blindness worked both ways in this game.

He tried something with his Rook, I noticed possibility to check him and take his a Pawn. When his Knight went on c5 I knew he is into check and removing my c Pawn. I noticed I could trap his Knight there with my Rook. His Knight can't check me if I escape with King on g6 and after Rook c8 his Knight will fall bringing game over for him. That's exactly what happened.

At this point he surrendered this game. We both made plenty of mistakes here, but fortunately at the end I went like winner here.

Thanks for reading.