I managed to win somehow player with bigger rating Verica61 despite end position did not look very good for me. It was long exhausting game where I hardly restrain to give strong peace to opponent player. However I somehow managed to put ace from sleeve and surprise white before white Pawn got promoted. It all started as Queen's pawn game.

1 d4 d5

2 e3 b6

3 h3 Bb7

4 Nf3 Nf6

5 c4 e6

6 cxd5 exd5

7 Nc3 Be7

8 Bb5+ c6

It's not my favorite opening or should I say I really don't know how to play in properly, but thing I remember is that my other Knight should be on d2 in chain with f3 Knight. I tried to develop light Bishop to b7 on the best diagonal, but after she Checked me I decided to block Check with Pawn move to c3 and attack that light Bishop. I also accepted Pawn exchange which made my center position weaker.

9 Bd3 Nbd7

10 O-O O-O

11 Qc2 c5

Soon after light Bishop retreat we made castles in peaceful way on same sides. Then I decided to move my c Pawn in attempt to weaken her center.

12 dxc5 Nxc5

13 Be2 Nfe4

After exchange my Knight jumped on e4. I thought I could have some initiative by going forward.

14 b4 Ne6

15 Rd1 Nxc3

However surprisingly Pawn on b4 made my Knight retreat and after Rook on d1 I decided to exchange Knights before it is to late.

16 Qxc3 Rc8

17 Qb3 Bf6

18 Nd4 Nxd4

19 exd4

After Knight exchange I attacked her Queen with Rook on c8 and then put dark Bishop on the best diagonal. Then we exchange Knights. I like to exchange Knights because I play badly with them and to often fall in trap on double attack by them.


20 Be3 h6

21 Bf3 Qd6

22 a3 Rfd8

23 g3 Qc6

24 Rac1 Qd6

25 Bf4 Qe7

26 Rxc8 Bxc8

After a series of moves where I hardly restrain to put Queen and Rook on same diagonal for her light Bishop we exchanged Rooks. i decided to remove her Rook with light Bishop despite I saw that she could remove my d4 Pawn. I saw I can remove Pawn on h3 and thought that would be bad ass move.

27 Bxd5 Bxh3

All happen as I expected.

28 Be3 Be6

29 Bxe6 Qxe6

30 d5 Qd7

31 Bf4 g5

32 Be3 Be5

33 Kg2 Kg7

34 Qd3

I enforced light Bishop exchange, she started to push d Pawn forward, my King moved out of her Queen's line and Pawns on my left flank attacked her dark Bishop and start to develop and move forward.


35 Qa6

She wanted to remove Pawns on my right flank with Queen. I let it happen for Check with Queen on e4 after which her annoying Pawn on d line fell. However she had clear advantage on right flank. Two strong all alone Pawns threatening to promote to Queen. Now 2 white Queens would be to much for me and I was forced to act quickly. I did some Check, move my King forward and tried to push h Pawn forward to see what will happen.


36 Qxa7 Qe4+

37 Kg1 Rxd5

38 Rxd5 Qxd5

39 Qxb6 f6

40 Qa7+ Kg6

41 Qc5 Qd1+

42 Kg2 Qb3

43 a4

She pushed her Pawns on right side I did it with my pawn on left.


44 a5 h4

45 gxh4

She decided to exchange Pawns on my left side which opened her King a little.


Then she offered her dark Bishop for mine, but that was all wrong or shell I say it was blunder I was waiting for! I finally saw deadly combination.

46 Bd4 h3+

Yes that was cracker move she didn't count on, move which decided this game. Check with Pawn on h3! Pawn is protected with Queen can not be removed, King can not go to safety on h2 because my dark Bishop is still alive.Tempo move, it was Check where King must retreat and there is no suitable place for him because he must go to 1 line just to get check mate with Queen on d1!

47 Kf1 Qd1#

Check mate!

If you like to watch this game move by move you can do it here. I know it was not some kind of Grand Master playing, I am just amateur in chess who did probably make bunch of blunders in this game, but at the end I found out cracker move which saved the day.

Thanks for reading!

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