As I said in previous posts it is always good when you win player with higher ratings. Well last night I won vs runtiltomorrow who had rating over 2000. This is the biggest win I ever made. I had good concentration, did not make beginners mistakes and managed to defense myself versus his attack attempt. We played Sicilian Defense Smith-Mora gambit. You can see entire game here

Rapid Chess • Tawamba vs runtilmorrow

Tawamba (1716) plays runtilmorrow (2002) in a rated Rapid (10+0) game of chess. runtilmorrow resigned after 44 moves.

As you see I went on exchange of pawns and after few next moves table looked like this. I thought he is stronger, I should exchange all I can as soon as I can.

Here I wanted to torture his Knight a little. Why not when field in front was empty ?

After that exchange of course. His pawns on Queen's line does not look nice, but he had 2 Bishops.

I prepared myself to force his Bishop out of his hideout, but he moved pawn in front of Rock forward. He wanted to get my pawn

This is my favourite way to force Bishop exchange.

At this point I saw deadly move. I moved Knight to H4 with threatof eating his pawn on g6 with check after which he would be in big trouble. If he moved pawn from g6 go g5 I would attack King and Queen at same time and he would be finished so it was not option for him. He saw that and decided to eat my Knight with his rock to lose material but to remain in the game. I was very turned on after this Oh I have advantage will I be able to win this game or he will trick me ? Voice in my head was talking "Exchange exchange everything".

I blocked his pawn with Queen to avoid some attack that he planned.

Everything went good so far I checked him, but did not eat his other rock after. I didn't see it.

I moved my king to safety.

I started dedaly check mate attack here after which he was forced to exchange Queens after which everything was clear.

At this point he decided to surender because I was to strong at this point. He denied me joy to give him Checkmate (tuturutu), but I was very happy after this win. This shows that I can play with 2000 players if I think good with clear head.

Thanks for reviewing this article if you want to comment on some moves feel free to do so.