I won Slava221 at Lichess rapid 10m game. I plaid solid at the beginning, then let him get initiative in dangerous attack and after quick counter attack to Check Mate him. His rating is similar to mine around 1700. I think the game was interesting at least for amateur casual Chess players. Entire game is https://lichess.org/gNHPqkYp#61

Afer first few moves I moved white pawn d2-d4.

Soon after I saw one good opportunity to get his Pawn distract his Castle and then to recover Bishop after Qeen h5.

I might let him go out of trap and lose initiative in this period of the game., but his King was still vulnerable.

He became dangerous after this Queen move and later Knight exchange and opening line in front of King. I thought he will Check Mate me!

It was hard time for defense and dark Bishop looked good to do that job protecting Pawn on h2. It looks like his attacking Check Mate threat has been removed.

Here I decided to eat his Pawn with my Bishop to clear line for Rocks in possible Check Mate counter attack.

I did what I wanted and brake his defense with 2 heavy Rocks. He could probably avoid Check Mate if he plaid smarter at this position, but he didn't. Tell me in comments if you see how could he avoid Check Mate after this if you see how.

Trap has been set, he is already Checkmated but he made one last move. I value players who play to the end I am one like that too.

Not bad for amateur casual player. You are free to comment if you want.