Final position when Showsuncity12 escaped offline

It was long time since I wrote about chess here. I struggled for a while, dropped bellow 1800 rating, but it seems like Tawamba is returning to his 1850 rating again. I faced better opponent on paper with rating around 1953 and I completely dominated game and clean him (or her?) really good. You can see final position on above picture, but let's start from beginning.

It was not my favorite opening, and I was little late in devlopping of pieces. In this situation I love to push my Bishop up to enforce Bishop exchange because I often forget about those hidden Bishops during the game.He accepted exchange and my Queen ended up on h6 preventing castle.

I quickly retreat with queen, he made castle on other side. I prepared attack with couple of pawns, enforced Knight exchange. He didn't wait but initiated pawn attack where he thought my castle will be, his Queen checked me, I covered with my Queen and we ended up in Queen exchange. Nothing special so far, I even have 2 bad pawns on same d line, but his Knight will be forced to move on edge of the table. I setup a trap for him!

I didn't make castle so far, but his Knight was dead meat here.

Few moves after I made castle, did not have to be afraid on diagonal black field check because Queen and dark Bishop were out of play and I strenghten e4 pawn a little. I really didn't like idea to exchange pawns in front of my castle. I had material advantage, but position was far from good.

I knew he will push pawns toward my castle, but he seems didn't expect I will protect them like this.

Soon after we cleared coupls of pawns, but my King was in danger and I decided to block his Bishop like this. You see of course possibility of removing e7 pawn with check and then double attack on Rooks on g6. He saw that too and moved Rook to h7 protecting pawn, but I attacked it with right Rook on e1. He decided to move King on d8 which gave me opportunity to put Rook on d1 and to put his King on line of fire by Rook. It was "Mask" because Knight prevented direct check. On my surprise he didn't notice that but pushed right pawn one field down and I made f6 move attacking his Rook and giving him check with d1 Rook at same time! He moves other Rook to h8 attacking Knight but I removed his Pawn on e7 with yet another check!

I held tempo and check him with pawn like this and after check I decided to remove his annoying Bishop with my Rook. I had to big material advantage and didn't want to risk anything. He soon lost right pawn and it was clear I am going to win this match!

This was last trap for him and after I move King closer to Knight to block more his King he removed my h pawn and got check by Rook on d5. Only field to escape was e6 and then I could chose if I want to open check with Bishop and take his Rook for free or to give him double King Rook attack with Knight on g5. He saw that and instead of resign just went offline. I guess he/she was nervous about this game. LoL!

Very good win, those higher ranked players inspire me. You can't under estimate Tawamba or he will surprise you!

Here is entire game:

Tawamba, Tawamba, Tawamba you're playing chess almost like pro! :)