Today I played vs player kk71 as white in rated Rapid 10m game of chess. I won the game after good attack. We played Scandinavian defense. I sacrificed some pawns and Bishop in unstoppable attack on black King. Board looked like this after 7th move.

This was right time to exchange some material. First Bishop then Knight of course!

I spotted h7 and Knight and Queen attack, but he had Knight, so I need to move it away. I moved pawn g2-g4. Maybe risky move.

Now his Knight need to move away.

Well not where I wanted, but my Knight could move and become real danger for him.

I forced exchanging of Knights here.

Ouch that hurt, I didn't see he can get my pawn and Check me. I blocked attack with my Rock.

He decided to get some more pawns with his Queen and at that point I decided to sacrifice my Bishop for his pawn at h5.

Wow d line is widely open for my rock I can Check him, and he can't block. He is mine now.

At this point I knew how to check mate him. Another check and he has been done!

Beautiful tuturutu (check mate) picture! Only 20 seconds left for me which made this win very exciting.

Here you can analyze entire game:

Feel free to comment if you see any better moves.