I managed to reach above 800 rating and now struggle to keep it. Today's game was against vega2019 player with similar rating. I surprised myself with powerful Knights attack on his castle after which he could only sacrifice big pieces to stay little longer in the game. It's amateur play, but I think I was good in this match. This Lichess rapid 10 minute game started with King's Knight opening.

1 e4 e5

2 Nf3 Nc6

3 a3 a6

4 Bc4 Bc5

5 Nc3 Nf6

6 d3 h6

7 h3 d6

8 Be3

At this point he offered me dark Bishop exchange which I accepted happily to double his pawns on e line. I offered him similar exchange of light Bishops, but he push his Knight in front of it on d5 which I removed. As far as I know it is good to have either Bishop pair either Knight pair. This way I end up with 2 Knights and he has Knight and Bishop.


9 fxe3 Be6

10 Nd5 Bxd5

11 exd5 Ne7

He surprised me little because he didn't do Bd5, but removed my piece with Pawn attacking Knight. I decided to transfer Knight to left side of the table.

12 e4 Ng6

13 Ba2 Qd7

14 O-O Nf4

He protected his d5 Pawn, but I noticed good position for my Knight which is f4. He can not remove it easily because if he push g Pawn I would penetrate with Queen after h3 making situation more dangerous. I think he made mistake to make castle on this side where my 2 Knights waited just that. He moved King to h2 to protect his h Pawn probably afraid of sacrifice of Knight there and penetration with Queen or do Knight h3 with Check after. I moved g Pawn to protect Knight and to initiate attack on his castle. After he moved his Queen to d2 I made castle on other side letting my Rook in position where it can join attack. He started his own attack on other flank, but I was just faster on left. Move 17 Pawn g4 was first contact with his castle. After he removed it with his h Pawn my other Knight came on g4 making situation look bad for him.

15 Kh2 g5

16 Qd2 O-O-O

17 b4 g4

18 hxg4 Nxg4+

It was Check and his King moved back to g8. My f Pawn go 1 piece forward making possible for Queen to go to g7 on line with his King. He continued attack on right side with his Pawns.

19 Kg1 f6

20 c4 Qg7

21 b5 Rhg8

I decided to ignore his attack on other flank, if he goes Pawn a6, I will accept exchange. His attack was to slow, on the other side stage has been set with treble fire on g2 Pawn with possible check mate threat. I think he underestimated threat and move his Rook to b1 preparing his own attack. I think I made very good move here by placing my Knight on e3 offering it to his Queen after which I would Check mate him. He saw that of course and decided to defend g2 Pawn by moving his Knight to h4. I moved my Queen to g4. He got my Knight on e3, but I got his Pawn in front of King on g2.

22 Rab1 Ne3

23 Nh4 Qg4

24 Qxe3 Nxg2

I got his Pawn on e2 and attack his Queen with possibility to move Knight and open dangerous Check to him. His Queen f3 move was little surprise for me and gave him some more time to fight. I removed his Knight on a4 with mine and he did Queen exchange.

25 Qf3 Nxh4+

26 Qxg4+ Rxg4+

27 Kh2 Rdg8

28 Kh3 h5

After check with Rook which in same time allowed other Rook to move on g line to double firepower he made mistake in my opinion and moved his King on left probably in fear for Check after which he could lose his Bishop on a2, but what is losing Bishop compared with check mate ? He tried to attack my Rook and Knight with his King, but my Pawn was there ready to protect. Now you probably see possibility of Knight to g2 and check mate with Rook on h4. I started that and all he could do was to sacrifice his Rook by desperate check on f1 to avoid immediate check mate.

29 Rxf6 Ng2

30 Rf8+ Rxf8

31 Rg1 Rfg8

32 Rxg2 Rxg2

Soon table looked like this and he had no chance any more. Check mate was inevitable.

33 Bb3 Rd2

34 Ba4 Rxd3+

35 Kh4 Rxa3

36 Bd1 Ra1

37 Bxh5 Rh1

At the end table looked like this. It was nice play by Tawamba who pushed his rating little above 1800. Personally I think he made three big mistakes, one to make castle on side where were my two Knights and other not to protect enough his g Pawn. Initiating slower attack on other flank could not help him, he could do something with Rooks to protect that g Pawn. Third mistake was moving his King left in trap instead to accept losing Bishop, with King's escape to safety.

You can watch all game move by move here.