Cool picture isn't it ? Yes it is.I know it's amateur chess, but I find out this game very effective and I will share you how I won against Supriman player with 1877 rating while I have only 1799. I made some very obvious mistake which lead toward losing Queen for Bishop, but then like ghost of Kasparov or Karpov entered into me and to be honest he made some mistakes too.

I don't like this opening much. Here is how it looked in the beginning.

Soon after kings were in safety of castles, while I have Bishop pair for his Bishop plus Knight. I think in theory two Bishops or two Knights are better than Bishop and Knight. He ended opening, while my dark Bishop i still on start position because his annoying Rook targeting my Pawn.


I moved light Bishop to good location, covered that Pawn, but it's his Queen who is annoying now because it's targeting over diagonal my King. His Knight is in center of table and dangerous, while my dark Bishop is yet to move...

Soon it looked like I took initiative and momentum and attacked his Queen, but as Spurs fan I must make at least one spursy move during the game. Prepare your pills if you are chess pro, this what will happen will be shocking even for amateur players!

Ah oh what the hell was that Sanchez trying to pass, Kane trying to make free kick or penalty on World Cup, midfielder losing ball in dangerous area or what ? I went in attack on the castle and didn't see this possibility. Rush. I thought I am over here, but noticed one interesting thing Rook near my King can go forward if I only manage to make his King back on G line I might have some chance. Of course for you I planned all of this because I see n moves in advance! LoL! Pawn go forward to check his King! How does this look to you ?

His concentration dropped, he was like Argentina leading with two goals advantage... Check, but so what he can easily run away behind Rook, but he didn't.

His big mistake was forcing my light Bishop to go down which enabled him to Check his King, but if he ran away behind Rook on time nothing would really happen. He is going for a little walk forward now, but it does not look dangerous yet expect that he could lose Knight after new check on g4. He didn't want to return to previous position and take a draw which I can understand he's much stronger. He went forward and suffered new check this time with dark Bishop on c3. He eliminated Pawn in front of him but who cares about it game is probably lost for me and that Pawn just prevented my Rook for doing interesting things.

It looks little more promising for me right now, but I still can't see how to end this forced walk of black King. I knew only I need to be fast and keep momentum and checks. Let's remove that Knight on d7.It's right time for that right now. If he checks me with Queen I will cover with dark Bishop I thought. He has removed my Pawn of b2 dreaming probably about moving queen on c2 and then trying to check mate me, but in reality that gave me tempo again. Check on f5 with light Bishop following by attack on Queen on d4 looked like good idea to me. Queen can't check me on c1 because of dark Bishop.

His move of Queen on f7 showed me his fear. It was like Argentina player handball near the end of extra time, but I am not France player who will miss chance in last second... Rook to h4 threatening on h7. He tried to protect it with his Rook I don't know why he could remove my dark Bishop and change Queen for Rook and remain stronger. I guess water start to flood his ears... He got check with dark Bishop following by check with Rook and it lookes like Queen will fall for Rook.

And now as always as always from now on I'll let you to make the last move for checkmate! :)


Look I know I was spursy in this game, but he was argentinsy on 2:0 and didn't win on penalties. LoL. You can watch entire game here: