Linchess Rapid 10 minute game between yogeshm79(white, rating 1905) and me (black, Tawamba,black rating 1824) ended in superb trap by black and inevitable check mate for better rated player. It was interesting game where he made some big mistake by underestimated my attack on right flank. It was Bishop+Rook against Queen and his Queen was to slow. You can watch entire game here:

Match started with some unusual opening unknown to me, with early developing of Queens where I managed to double his Pawns. His Knight d5 move was very dangerous bringing multiple threats. It was Queen attack and obvious King-Rook attack on c6. I was forced to move Queen on square to protect from King-Rook attack. I knew Queen will be under fire of his Rook, but calculated that if he checked me I can eliminate Knight with Queen. However I didn't count on Knight b6 and Queen - Rook attack. It was very bad position for me, but after that move I released I need to do Queen-Rook exchange following by removing his Knight. It was not so bad Rook+Knight for Queen exchange. I didn't lose material like I could.

Soon after he exchanged Bishop for Knight and I made castle on left side. I also developed Bishop on e6 square targeting his weak a2 Pawn which was already under attack by my Rook. I saw my chance after I double Rooks on a line and initiate fast Pawn attack on his castle. He saw his chance on Pawn and Queen attack on left. I calculated speed of attack and found out I am little faster than he is and calmly started to remove his Pawns on right. Queen f6 and g7 would not be check mate because I can escape right with King.

At this position I calmly removed c2 Pawn with check. I noticed I can check him after and eliminate his h1 Rook. He escaped left with King and not eliminate my Pawn, I escaped right with my King to avoid check mate. Only then he removeford my Pawn and basically lost tempo which was important in this race with time. After check on a2 he decided to go down with King. What he didn't count was Pawn c5 move which cut of advancing of his King down because d,c,b4 squares were under fire. What is worse other Rook could check mate him on a3. Instead of checking me on h8 and saving himself with Queen-Rook exchange on a8 he checked me and I calmly moved out of trap and he removed my e5 Pawn just to receive check mate.

It looks like he didn't see it was check mate. It was exciting fast game and it's always good feeling when you win player with rating over 1900.

Thanks for reading.