I played game against player bear97 at lichess mobile application. Web site called this opening as "Sicilian Defense: Staunton-Cochrane Variation". It was interesting match where both sides have moments, but in my opinion he missed chance in the middle when he could remove my light Bishop with his Knight and then to remove my pawn in front of King which would take me to dangerous situation. He also did not notice deadly attack with both rocks on line 7 with check mate threat. He was to keen to save his dark Bishop and did not see possible check mate!

1 e4 c5

2 c4 Nc6

3 Nf3 d6

4 h3 b6

5 d4 Bb7

6 dxc5 bxc5

7 Qa4 Qc7

8 Nc3 e6

9 Nb5 Qb8

10 Be2 a6

11 Nc3 Ne7

12 O-O Ng6

13 Be3 Be7

14 Rad1 O-O

15 a3 Nge5

16 Qc2 Rd8

17 Bf4 Nxf3+

18 Bxf3 Nd4

19 Qd3 e5

20 Bc1 Bc8

21 Nd5 Bf8

22 Bg5 f6

23 Be3 Be6

24 Bxd4 cxd4

25 b4 Bxd5

26 cxd5 Qb7

27 Bg4 Rdb8

28 Be6+ Kh8

29 Rc1 a5

After check his King escaped to H8, I decided to push white pawn up knowing he wil remove it following Queen exchange after which I planned to go to 7th line and to try to get Bishop or to check mate him by bringing other rock up if possible. Trap has been set.

30 b5 Qxb5

31 Qxb5 Rxb5

32 Rc7 Rb6

33 Rfc1 g6

34 Rd7 Bh6

His move with rock was not to clever he obviously did not count on my combination.

35 Rcc7 Rb1+

He was lost here he could only sacrifice dark Bishop and give me few checks, but after I cover with pawn he was totally lost.

36 Kh2 Bf4+

37 g3 Bxg3+

38 Kxg3 Rb3+

39 f3

1:0 for Tawamba. He surendered at this point because check mate was inevitable.

You can watch all game here if you like.