White lady captured by black pieces

I didn't write article about my chess games for a while. If you hoped amateur player Tawamba abandoned chess you're wrong! Tawamba is back and has rating around 1900 now! My recent victim is player sean2930 whose rating was equal to year of resolution of Informbiro against Yugoslavia - 1948. Mine was 1949 so this was game between players of similar quality. I was not in very good position, lost pawn on A line, but then cleverly take advantage of open Rook. What I wanted was checkmate on A1. He was aware of danger, but made few bad moves after which his white Lady got captured by mighty black bishop. That was point when he surrendered game.

You must agree with me that this didn't look very good for black. There is obvious threat of King-Rook attack on C7. I could do little to prevent losing of that Pawn. I tried with Rook C8, but he introduced his Lady and attack was to strong to the point that I decided to escape with King into castle on left. His Lady will regret that direly!

He took A Pawn which was not to big loss and opened opportunity for me because my Rook on A suddenly became dangerous because had clear line of fire. I decided to go forward with Pawns and to try to eliminate his Knight which was big danger. He discovered safe field and took advantage of it. For some reason he didn't change Pawns and let me go forward with one on C forcing his light Bishop to retreat.

I decided to threat with double Rook attack on F2 to distract. That made him wish to remove Knight with light Bishop, but I was faster and removed his dark Bishop which was firing on important B1 field. I want my Rook there and to initiate attack on Queen with RA4.

When I finally moved it there I expected retreating Queen to C3 and just saw I have dark Bishop who can attack Lady too. He surprised me with his Pawn C3 move after which it was clear his Lady has been trapped and will be captured.He surrendered at that point.

You can track entire game here: https://lichess.org/NaQkW77X/black#39

I know it's amateur play. I like when I look clever like I planned all of that, but in reality I can maybe think about 3 moves in future not more.

Fun fact: app says I played more than 6000 games now and spend 2 months (!) by playing chess over that app!