It's well known fact that Tawamba can't win chess game if opponent doesn't win himself with couple of bad moves. Well that happened again! I didn't recover from capturing white Lady yesterday, but halas new white Lady come into trap thanks to her not so clever King. LoL. I am comedy of chess player and it's right thing for this article to be comedy too. Opponent had nickname masson125. I hope his Lodge will not find out how he played this game!

Opening was not to exciting, just throwing pieces in usual way when first comedy move happens. I am not sure if app tried to trick me and make me nervous or my fingers and display of mobile were sticky thanks to my fingers which touch anti-fly tape near window, but instead of doing simple castle it looked like I moved King to F8! WTF ? I couldn't believe my eyes. How can I activate my Rook now ? Hahahaha. That was real truth, but for public it's because I wanted to underestimate opponent and to send him message I can win you even when I give you 3 moves advantage! Hahahaha!

I somehow managed to move left Rook on other side, he wasn't much active in next few moves, but then he saw some combination how to attack my King. It was obvious I can make double attack on Queen and Rook, I thought he sees that, but on my surprise he moved Rook left and allow me to do just that! He must be thinking I will mate this prick I don't need this Rook.

With advantage in material I established hard firing line on F, but there was a threat coming from his Knight. I knew he can jump there but was to lazy to think about consequences in this comedy game. I just find out he can't get my Queen in next move.

I moved Queen away checking him and cleaning his Pawns on right sidee, while he developed strategy how to check mate me. Comedy came to climax when he moved Pawn probably thinking to attack my H pawn and check mate me, but I checked his King and thought "Move forward man, move forward to avoid new check..." Hahahahah and he did just that and I instantly moved G Pawn two fields up to check him and his Lady falls! He couldn't watch his Lady falls and surrendered at that point. Oh what a game!

Tawamba is to serious nick name for me in chess, I think to change it to Inspector Clouseau from famous Pink Panther movies. That would be more appropriate.

If you want to laugh on this amateur game you can analyze it here: