Mikhail Tal - Leonov [Play White a wins]

In a game where the brilliant Tal makes use of his resources of creation and inventiveness faithful to his aggressive style of play, characteristic that gave him the fame of being one of the most offensive players in the history of chess.

This position is given after Leonov plays in the movement

18. ... ♛e8

It was not expected the series of attacks and combinations that would come after this play.

19. ♖f6!

19. .... ♛f8

20.♖f4 ♝d7
21.♘g4 ♝e8

22. ... ♞xf6
23.♙xf6 ♜c7
24.♙xg7 ♚xg7


The end being inevitable for black.

One of my favorite games of Tal