From now on instead field of Empire, the third empire will decide and declare No Ball

Changed the rule of no-ball in the game of cricket, from now instead of on the field empires , The 3rd umpire will decide and announce nine-ball.

According to Details The ICC has decided to tackle the growing controversy over Noball's case during cricket matches. In recent times, it has been seen that even the best of the best umpires are often unable to swallow, which in turn affects the match.

During a recent visit to Australia, it was also revealed that 21 No.Balls were not given by the umpires during a match. That is why the ICC has now decided that the third umpire will decide the n0-ball from now on.

This is the first time in the world of cricket that the decision of a n0-ball will now make the third umpire, a TV camera, instead of an umpire standing in the field.

The International Cricket Council has announced this in view of the mistakes made during the T20 between India and the West Indies. According to a statement issued by the ICC, the trial will begin with a T20 match between India and West Indies starting in Hyderabad. The ICC said that during this trial, it would be the responsibility of the third umpire to keep an eye on every bowler's ball and if the bowler returns no balls, the third umpire will tell the field umpire who will call it noball