Rashid Latif and inzmam make Afghan cricketers stand out: Afghan Consul General

Afghan Consul General Rahmatullah Qutra, who is stationed in Karachi, has said that Pakistan has a vital role in sustaining cricket in Afghanistan, thanks to the coaching of Rashid Latif and Inzamam-ul-Haq.

During an interview, he said that cricket can play an important role in strengthening the relations between the two countries, wishing to strengthen cooperation in the field of sports, especially cricket, as in other fields. after 10 year, it is a pleasure to hold a Test match.

Afghan Consul General said lasting relations between the two countries and civilization, culture and traditions are the same.

Karachi City is a beautiful city which has now become the gateway to peace and progress is on the path, it is a pleasure to hold Test cricket after 10 years in Karachi which will provide excellent entertainment to the cricketing citizens.