Before you place your wager on the cricket betting odds, here’s an overview of the different betting types you can bet on:

Match Outcome & Series Winner

Betting on the match outcome is the most common betting type in cricket. This type is quite popular with many players since it’s very easy to comprehend.

This involves betting on which team would probably win the watch, specifically if it's under the limited-overs format. However, it comes with a draw if it’s in Test matches.

Players can also place their wagers on the predicted series score.

Man of the Match

This betting type is exclusively given for players who have shown outstanding performance during the match. Either the batsman or the bowler may receive this award.

Make sure to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your favourite so that you can correctly predict who will bag the Man of the Match title.

Odd/Even Runs

In this type of betting, you need to determine whether your preferred team in the match will have an odd or even number of runs.

Innings Runs

This betting type includes placing a wager based on the match’s number of runs during the first inning of the game.

Innings Runs is also easily comprehensible because you just need to predict if the scores offered by the bookmaker will be over or under the total runs of the match.

Top Bowler

If you’re a fan of cricket bowlers, then this might be your lucky chance to vouch for your favourite.

In this betting type, you need to predict who among the bowlers will grab the most wickets in the match. Get your luck on the line and choose the most outstanding bowler.

Top Batsman

This betting type involves predicting the best batsman among the two teams. You will win the odds once you wager on the right batsman who will attain the most scores during the game.

There are still lots of betting types where you can wager on the cricket betting odds. Stay updated with the current matches to increase your chances at winning.