From today I will be starting a special segment on the most elegant players of a particular shot. To begin with I have chosen the shot which gives you the most delight as a batsman but at the same time has a huge risk factor " the cover drive". Do tell me in the comment box if I have missed someone, by the way, these are my personal favorites.


Brian Lara

Justin Langer once said if I had just one dollar to pay and watch someone bat it would be Brian Charles Lara, the prince from Trinidad and Tobago just oozed class. That bat lift, That concentration, That flamboyance Wow.just Wow!!!!. Not only did he play the stroke masterfully but also skillfully with the least risk factor.

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Mahela Jayawardene

Elegant and delightful, there are no better words to describe this guy's cover drive. Jayawardene steps up whenever his team requires him the most. It seemed every part of his body is playing that shot.

Kumar Sangakkara

Extend your hands, head towards the ball and the bag leg knee folds down that is what gives Sangakkara his class. Left-handers are so beautiful chee this guy just nails it.

Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid's cover drive appears as if it is a film played in slow motion. The head moves a bit, the front foot comes forward, the back leg just moves a bit across, and then the ball is just ready to reach the boundary fences.

Mark Waugh

Mark Waugh's cover drive is very similar to Dravid. A master of the leg side, but his laconic cover drives will always be part of my memory.

Damien Martyn

Probably the purest batsman modern-day cricket has seen. That shot against Chaminda Vaas has just stuck in my mind. Just a forward defense to the boundary. A true Genius!!!!

Sachin Tendulkar

No words can match this guy just sit back and enjoy

Ian Bell

Ian Bell was a natural stroke player I rate this cover drive off his very highly. His records might not be the best but his offside strokeplay is exquisite.


Babar Azam

A true cricket fanatic cannot ignore this. Sweet, so sweet is the voice after the impact of bat and ball. I hope he becomes a modern-day great.

Babar's drive appears so natural and he appears so much in control. Damn, that shot hits different.

Virat Kohli

Class, genuine class a gentle front-foot stride and just a push. Kohli just ticks most of the boxes for the most gorgeous cover drive.

James Vince

You didn't expect him right? Very few have seen Vince playing the cover drive. This cover drive is aesthetically so pleasing. One against Hazlewood just made me go wow.

Kane Williamson

The most technically gifted and mature batsman in the fab four, love watching him bat especially those back-foot punches are out of this world

Rohit Sharma

No doubt this guy is languid but at the same time elegant. His timing belongs to a different league

Jason Roy

Very similar to Rohit Sharma a master of the lofted drives, he looks gorgeous when he gets going. Those lofted drives over mid-off is a treat to watch.

The shot is towards the end of the video

Footages of some were not available but there was a compilation do see the shots played by Sarkar Root and Carey here.

Also, see Liton Das playing the cover drive, it is damn cool.

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