For each decade the start date is 1 Jan 19X0 and the end date is 31 Dec 19X9 except the current one.

Assuming each decade gave equally talented players on an average.


I kept it very simple the criteria for batsman being a minimum of 10 hundred in a decade the grand average of Innings/Hundred for each decade will be calculated.

For a Bowler minimum of 150 wickets in a decade and Innings/5 wicket haul will be calculated the more the difference of the two is closer to 0 the better the quality of cricket was seen.

If the difference is positive the decade was better for bowlers, if negative better for the batsman.

The 1960s

Cricket in different generations is so, so complicated in 1960's men actually played the game on uncovered pitches, with variable bounce. So damn hard any ball can just stay low or hit right on your nose. No protective gear, nothing yet the game produced some stalwarts. Huge grounds, which means more gaps but also means running and stamina, slower outfields. How different and better would their stats rack up in today's generation.

Total Players with more than 10 hundred = 5

Total Hundreds = 74

Total Innings = 499

Innings/Hundred= 6.74

Total Bowler with wickets more than 150 = 4

Total 5 wicket hauls = 46

Total Innings = 335

Innings/5 wicket = 7.28

The difference = -0.54

The decade was better for Batsman

terrible conditions

The 1970's

The outfields and the size of grounds saw not much of an upgrade but there was a change in pitches, pitches started to be covered. There were rules regarding the bounce which a pitch is to offer.

Total Players with more than 10 hundred = 8

Total Hundred = 101

Total Innings = 708

Innings/Hundred = 7.00

Total Bowlers with 150 or more wickets= 6

Total 5 fers = 63

Total Innings = 484

Innings/5 wicket = 7.68

The difference= -0.68

The decade was better for the batsman

The 1980's

Probably, the decade which marked the first step towards the current modern game. Improvisation was seen in pitches and bats. The outfields if you see highlights, was not too fast

Total Players with Hundred more than 10 = 11

Total Hundred = 141

Total Innings = 1299

Innings/Hundred = 9.21

Total Bowlers with more than 150 wickets = 10

Total 5 wicket hauls = 151

Total Innings = 968

Innings/5 wicket haul = 6.41

The difference= 2.8

The decade was better for bowlers

The 1990's

FASTER Outfields, Smaller Grounds, still there was not the technology available today. In an interview, Wasim Akram said that when he was new to the international circuit he did not feel he was in the game with the new ball. He said that he and Waqar were desperate for the old ball. He followed up saying at that time the ball used to reverse swing in 10-15 overs. If you know what I mean :)

Total Players with Hundred more than 10 = 14

Total Hundred = 197

Total Innings = 1694

Innings/Hundred = 8.59

Total Bowlers with more than 150 wickets = 15

Total 5 wicket hauls = 213

Total Innings = 1471

Innings/5 wicket haul = 6.90

The difference= 1.69

The decade was better for bowlers

The 2000's

The conditions were just perfect great bats, great pitches. Players were backed and not dropped just in the name of fitness. Skillset was more important.

Total Players with more than 10 Hundred = 35

Total Hundred = 583

Total Innings = 4314

Innings/Hundred = 7.39

Total Bowlers with more than 150 wickets = 19

Total 5 wicket hauls = 251

Total Innings = 2430

Innings/5 wicket haul = 9.68

The difference = -2.29

The decade was better for the batsman.

The 2010's

Huge Importance started to be laid on fitness, the coming of t20 leagues saw a dip in viewers of test cricket and probably all sorts of problems for the existence of quality test cricket will start from here.

Total Players with more than 10 hundred = 23

Total Hundred = 377

Total Innings = 2843

Hundred/Innings= 7.54

Total Bowlers with Wickets more than 150 = 27

Total 5 wicket hauls = 314

Total Innings = 3018

Innings/5 wicket haul = 9.61

the difference = -2.07

The decade was better for the batsman

Final Verdict

If you see 60's, the '70s, 00's and 10's were better for the batsman and '80s and '90s were better for the bowlers. The game today is moving heavily towards the favor of the batsman. According to me, it should be the other way around, The bowlers are the ones who do the hard work and runs a lot get caught up within injuries. This makes me believe that the grounds should be larger, bats smaller and good bowling conditions should be the focus. The pitches should definitely be covered, unlike the early '60s and '70s. I believe the best quality of test cricket was seen in the '90s with exceptional bowlers bursting onto the stage. Indeed the syllabus for the batsman was a lot tough to deal in that decade !!!!