As we all know David Warner and other two Australian Cricketer was banned for playing cricket for 1 year as in the case of ball tampering on the ground. And this big mistake by three of the cricketer is still in the news and they are regretting it badly. However, Everyone does the mistake in life and there should be another chance given to each and everyone for their mistake. But what again happen is a very well know Club in England says that David Warner is a cheater and he is not supposed to play the games.

England's Fans Club Barmy-Army ridiculed Australia's David Warner for the ball-tampering before the World Cup. The Barmy-Army has shared a picture with their official Twitter handle. In which Warner's T-shirt is written on cheats. On the part of the T-shirt, the cheats were written earlier in Australia. Barmy-Army had Warner pictures of Nathan Lyon and Mitchell Starc. This photo is toilet paper instead of the ball in both players' hands.

So basically this was the news and in my opinion, I would rather blame the England Fench club and say no to any other posts related to Warner or other two cricketers. Here they have already been regretting from 1 year and they have another chance to prove themselves as they are the best and it was their mistake that such thing they did on the ground.