Afghanistan's spinner Rashid Khan has turned into a major face of cricket in a brief span. Rashid is as of now the main positioned bowler in T20 cricket. In ODIs, Rashid Khan is positioned No. 2. Playing a wad of Rashid Khan for any batsman is an extremely troublesome undertaking.

Rashid has beset the enormous batsman with his turning balls. Rashid's hotshot on the ball taken by wicket-manager batsmen in cricket is an exceptionally troublesome assignment. In any case, there are two batsmen who have added four back to back sixes to Rashid's knocking down some pins. How about we know who these two batsmen

1. Chris Gayle

West Indies' perilous opener Chris Gayle is world acclaimed for the stormy batting. Chris Gayle played 4 back to back Sixs on Rashid Khan's 4 ball in a match played amid the IPL 2018. The match was played between Kings XI Punjab and Sunrisers Hyderabad in Chandigarh on April 19.

In this match, Gayle scored an unbeaten 104 in only 63 balls with 11 sixes and a four. Storm, out of 11, played six sixes on Rasheed Khan's ball. In spite of the fact that the IPL 2018 was exceptionally marvelous for Rashid Khan. Be that as it may, Gayle crushed Rashid in this match and recolored his prosperity.

2 . Sherfane Rutherford

Rashid Khan's second player, Sherfane Rutherford, is the main player to hit 4 sixes in 4 balls. West Indies batsman Rutherford gave Rashid Khan four successive sixes in a T-10 League coordinate in an as of late finished up match. Rutherford has not played one more universal match. It is extremely a matter of shock that Rashid Khan's 4 back to back sixes on the ball is such a player.