In this ongoing fixtures of IPL, the first match will be for Chennai Super Kings. Their former captain was in the trending news yesterday as in the ongoing practice matches one fan rushed at him to meet Mahendra Singh Dhoni. There was security Guard there but he crossed the wall and Broke the security and went to meet Dhoni. Dhoni gave a challenge to him that Catch me if you can and Dhoni is really a good-hearted person as he shook hand with his fan and meet him. There were many incidents happens to the cricketers as fans trying to cross the security and trying to meet the popular cricketers. But here M.S.Dhoni tried to give a challenge to his fan that if you catch me I will meet you otherwise not.

The practise session was going on in Chennai were the home team Chennai Super Kings was at the ground at the moment a fan broke the security and went to meet Dhoni in the ground as it was a wonderful moment if you see in the picture. When the fan came to meet MS DHONI, Dhoni started running and started to play Hide and Sick with the fan and then started a run like a bullet train is running on the ground. I can say at the age of 30+ Ms Dhoni can run like a speed of Bullet. He is one of the great men in the universe. He immediately looks backwards and sees the fan was tired than he meets him and shake hand with him.

Next, it happened it was really very bad for his fan. He was caught by the police and taken to the nearest police station and immediately started asking the questions to him that why did he run inside the ground without having any legal permission. After a long question and answers police came to know about him that he was a college student and came from far distance only to see and meet M.S.DHONI. Then after giving him a warning, he was left by the police and sent back to his home. It looks very beautiful in the picture about Dhoni giving a challenge to his fan about Catch Me If You Can. Dhoni instead of meeting him easily he started running and played a game of hide and Sick and started running here and there in the ground. The fan also rushed at him and tried to catch but he was helpless as the speed of our former captain was too good that he even cannot touch him in the ground.

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