Hello friends, I hope you guys are enjoying my blogs and taking interest in reading my blogs. I know you guys will be happy to see the price for scorum to the moon as I am not knowing what will be the future but looking at the platform I think scorum is a long term project. This thing is out of topic but I need to include as daily there is a discussion for only one topic in the telegram official group. The talk is necessary but we should leave it up to the team as they will develop as the team is slower. But always remember slow and steady wins the race. The same thing today happened with the Punjab team as they were slowly moving towards a win with great matches before. But probably their last two games got vanished by the opponent team.

Today Punjab won the match with good runs and I think they got a good improvement in the position as well as the run rate of their playing. This will help them in their next matches for sure. Today the match was quite boring from other matches as I feel like that. This is just because we did not see David Warner playing like this the ball and the bat was on the opposite side they were not touching each other properly. And this was the main reason for them that they lost today match.

But this is also a point to note about the opponent's team as the score was low scoring than they can try to complete the match before some overs. Why take such a match with an easy win at the last moment. The example is like DC vs KKR as DC took the match to the last over and they went for the super over as thee twist came at the last over of Kuldeep Yadav. In today match the same situation was repeated the score was only 151 runs to win and you have good wickets in hand then why not try to complete the match before 5 overs. As this can give a massive boost in their net run rate and this will help them in future for sure.

But here Rahul is in form and today he scored a massive run of 70 runs after playing 53 runs. The twist was is bowling and they proved that they are the best in bowling. As we already know how David Warner is dangerous for them and after playing full 20 over David Warner only hit 70 runs and the same thing happened with Rahul and this is not a 50 over match they should understand while playing. Last night we have seen Smith playing slowly and hit 66 runs on the board after playing full 10 overs and this is such a bad point nowadays some teams are having. The depth of batting is the main problem for many teams in the IPL. I think the team should work on this and try to bring some good placement and some changes in the bowling and batting side.