Hello My dear Friends, Today I am going to tell you the current news as this news is in the market after the tweet from Gayle and in the tweet he told that the world cup is very important for Chris Gayle. What should be the reason behind this?

I think this is because of his retirement and I think this will be the last world cup for Gayle and for this reason he had told that it is very important to play nicely in the world cup. Do you know in this IPL season Gayle had played too slowly and he had kept him under control to hit the shots from the first ball itself? Looking at the format was big as IPL is the big league and it is very important for the team that Player like Gayle hit big shots but there was a big change in his batting lineup.

I was thinking this IPL season was fully for the World Cup as many players who are in Team India was not in the form but the players who want to be a part of India has played very nice. I am sure that this is the last World cup for Gayle and due to this reason he told about the match performance. And the IPL season he was fully in practice for the world cup and he had made some good moves in it. Now it will be a very big question that will West Indies made the world cup in the forms players like Andre Rusell, Gayle... etc