Last time, we considered just how much youth was making a name for its self with amazing cricket players who have shown no problem with breaking down records every day. However, it is also important to also admit that experience would oftentimes play a fundamental role in the game. This is why we have decided to look at another player who isn’t the tail end of his career and appears to be going strong. That is none other than David Warner who comes from Australia. So what is so fascinating about this cricket player that we chose to discuss about him.

First, you would have to look at his age. He was born in 1986. This means that he is well over his 30s. Fortunately for Australia, he is still going strong. Now one remarkable thing about this guy is the records which he has set. One notable one would be that he is the first player in the history of his country and the sport for over a century to play across all the format of the game without first playing a single cricket game in the first-class category. Right now, he is currently under the books of the New South Wales and is also a player of the Sydney thunder. Did we mention he’s Australian? For the last four years, he has also been the one to wield the vice-captain armband. He held this title for both the ODI competition as well as the test series.

However, he has often stirred up some debate among his fellow cricket players. One of the reasons for this is because of his playing style. He has been considered to be aggressive in the game and some players have even called for the introduction of red cards in the game because of him.on one occasion, he was dismissed from the international squad after he was seen attacking one of the English players sometime before the game. This attack brought outrage and also led to a fine of more than $6000 for the Australian man. If there is one thing that is not sure in his life, it would be the fact that he is always involved in one problem or the other on or off the pitch.

However, he is not one without achievements. He has been part of the ICC team of the year for four consecutive years. From 2014 to 2017, he was very consistent and that earned him several awards. He won the best player in ODI for two straight seasons as well as clinching the best player for his country in 2016. He has also won many other numerous records which have placed him in a different category from his peers and rivals.

His age would surely fail him and he would have to retire from the game where he has achieved so much. However, he can look back with happiness as he has achieved quite a lot in the game.