They say that talent knows who it wants. Talent is something that makes you stand out even in situations where you would prefer not to. This is the exact situation which Rohit Sharma finds himself in the game of cricket. Largely considered to be one of the most talented cricket players in the game, he has certainly held his own side of the bargain since that debut in 2007 and boy have we seen some brilliant matches from this young man. Let us see if we can breakdown who he is and what he has been able to achieve so far.

Who is Rohit Sharma?

Rohit Sharma as he is popularly called has his full name is Rohit Gurunath Sharma and is a citizen of India. Hence, he plays for the Indian cricket team. He is aged 32 having been born on the 30th day of April 1987. The very first debut which he made was way back in June 2007 when he came on as a replacement for a player who got injured. Since then, the illustrious player has not looked back. He has fired himself into one of the best cricket players in the world.

He currently plays for Mumbai when it comes to the domestic games and can also be seen to be the captain of the Mumbai Indians in the prestigious Indian premier league. He is largely considered to be a bowler and a batsman who is right-handed. Rohit Sharma has gathered a wonderful list of achievements. One of the achievements which almost everyone would remember would be the fact that he is currently the holder of the most ODI runs i.e Best Score for a single player in one inning. That is quality right there for everyone to see. His Test debut came later on in 2013 when he played his first game against the West Indies.

What has he achieved?

Rohit Sharma has achieved quite a lot so far. For example, he has already recorded more than 30 centuries for his international side. He is also the sole record holder for the number of ODI which has been scored by a batsman as was stated earlier. In international cricket, he stands out as the only person who has been able to get more than 30 centuries for their international team. In the T20, he has also recorded major success as he remains the only player to have gotten career runs and centuries more than anyone in the world.

Current situation

Many people are questioning the decision to leave Rohit out of the test series with some calling for his immediate inclusion. However, most experts hold the opinion that it is only a matter of time before we see him in the game with India struggling to hold their own against opponents so far.


A great player. A great cricketer. A great legend. Rohit would surely be remembered for his exploits for his team and his contributions to cricket over the long span of his career and life.