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I have watched quite a few cricket games and it just seems you can’t get to understand the rules by just watching at the game, I stand to be corrected though, every first move differs from the next and to capped it all in a test cricket the game last for 5 times and you can still get a tie at the end, the game can be seen in two forms the TEST games which is long and more dramatic viewed by fewer spectators or the T20 games watched by a lot of exciting crowed with lesser drama.

that reminds me of my first cricket bet with no knowledge of the game entails I just wanted to try something aside the normal football betting and it was looking like it was never going to end. Luckily for me I won the bet and that was the last time I tried betting on cricket. Recently the insight I have been getting on the sport are articles published here on scorum, I have read a lot of interesting article about the game for the last one month and it has been nice getting tips on the cricket world.


Unlike our traditional soccer game where is all about passing the ball around, get pass the defenders and score, cricket rules are a little complex and requires a real understanding to know what is going on in the pitch, such as A test cricket game which can take up to 5 days with each teams having two innings (chances to bat). A typical cricket game is made of two teams with eleven players each in a 22 meters, the basic objective is to score runs more than your opponent, and to score a run one has to hit the ball with the bat, while the opposing team bowls to restrict the other team from few runs in the stipulated time.

Like earlier stated a team is made of 11 players with each having their different role to play in the game, they are batsmen, bowlers, fielders and wicket keepers, another key thing to note is the circular pitch which is about 200m with a boundary edge distinguishing the in play and out play session. The wicket is placed in the center. The batmen who usually wear a padding cloth guarding their legs, gloves, thigh, chest guard, a box and helmet other players are to wear a spiked shoe.

the logic behind the game can be summarized to, one team bats while the other fields with the batting team trying to win as many runs as possible with the given time, the bowling team will try to stop them for getting more runs by the fielding the ball, the teams swap and the new batting team will try to outscore the runs of their opportunity. The game is overseen by two Umpires at each end of the wicket, International cricket games has additional two Umpires called the third and fourth Umpire.

Who is the best of the best?

Yes, this should be very interesting question for a novice to ask, before now I use to think aside the Indian team all other teams are just underdogs till recently I saw England triumphing over them which prompted a question in my mind which I ask a cricket lover here in this platform “are England taking over the world of cricket form Indian” and I understood the reply I got, he said “they have closed the gap in regards with the rating, but the difference in the top 6 sides is marginal and at home they would all expect to beat all comers”.

The table above shows the ranking for each team's spread across the three major tournament

The games

Cricket is one of the primary sport in Indian that I almost believe is only the Indians that play the game, but countries like England, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Indian subcontinent like Pakistan and even southern Africans participate in this great sport. The biggest stage includes the cricket world cup, T20 and the ICC champions trophy. The most successful team is the Australian team with 7 one-day international trophy and five world cups amongst others.

South Africa vs Australia 2006

The game between the two in Johannesburg remains one of the greatest cricket game in history, records were broken and new ones were set (most sixes in a match, highest ever ODI runs 872, highest total in a single ODI game with south Africa 438 breaking Australians 434, most runs conceded by a bowler in an ODI game 113 runs in 10 covers), the game drew about 32,000 fans with the African team beating Australia by one wicket to clinch the series 3-2. Ricky pointing made a record of 164 runs including 9 sixes and 13 fours giving his team a combined total of 434 runs which looked unbeatable but south African Gibbs soon turned the tables around leading his team to a total of 438 while he scored 175 from 111balls with 21 fours and 7 sixes. An unbelievable response from them.

England vs India (4th august 2018)

the English side played Indian at Edgbaston, with the game having a lot of talking points to show the beauty of cricket, sports in general is basically about the winning but in cricket the drama pulled out during the games is another exciting thing and no sports deliver that than cricket. This particular game was filled with a lot of twist and turns, towards the end it was England who needed just 84 runs to triumph, it took them not more than 90 minutes to get the job done, inspired by a wonderful performance of Ben stokes England went on to win the game with 31 runs Including a crucial wicket by Virat Kohil. With about 15 spectators watching the game they put up a great show to satisfy the audience with the worth of their money. A very close fight at the end with a very uncertain outcome of where the pendulum will turn to these gives the game its beauty.

This leaves me to my question, why Is the sport not played in the Olympics?

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