Yesterday, I saw the @talesfromthecrypt’s post and knew about the ongoing @liuke96player contest on the topic of cricket. I've posted lots of cricket blogs in this platform but today I’m writing this post as a participant of this hall of fame contest.

Cricket was discovered in the early 13th century but it only gained popularity in the 17th century when it started to play at South East England. This game is played with the bat and the ball just like the baseball but wickets (3 stumps) behind the batsmen and the rules are totally different. It’s strange that, though Cricket has been playing from more than a 100 years ago of the discovery of Football it still hasn’t gained the worldwide popularity like Football. The reason why Cricket hasn’t gain much popularity like football might be because of the different formats and the over-complicated rules. Since the establishment of International Cricket Council (ICC), total 104 countries have become its member (12 Full Members and 92 Associate Members). The Cricket has been playing from more than 2 centuries ago but there are less than 20 countries who are successful in the Cricket. The list of ODI World Cup winners are

Why it’s called Gentleman’s game??

During the time when Cricket was originated, it was only played by the rich peoples so that’s the one reason why it is called gentleman’s game. Apart from its origination, the reason why it is called gentleman’s game is that Cricket is played under the set of standard rules with the feeling of sportsmanship. It has its own sets of rules according to the different formats of Cricket(Test, One Day and t-20) in all 3 aspects (Bowling, Batting, and Fielding).

Cricket is mainly famous in South Asia, especially in India and Pakistan. Every youth in this two countries has a dream of representing as a national Cricket team player for their country. I used to play Cricket regularly until I was 17-year-old but after that, I played only on a few occasions with my classmates. Enough with the history and the overview of ICC World Cup let’s start on the beginner’s guide for a newbie who has an interest in Cricket.




Up to this point, we have understood the basic of how Batsmen, Bowler, and Fielders now let’s move on how to score runs by batting team.

Scoring Runs

Penalty in Cricket

Ways to get out In Cricket

There are more than ten ways the batsmen can be out in the Cricket. Here is the link for youtube video where the description of all dismissal are explained

Innings in the Cricket

A cricket game is divided into two equal parts called innings. An inning typically represents the session of one team's total batting time before other team bats.

Formats of Cricket

The format of Cricket is mainly categorized into 3 formats according to the duration of the game. Test match, One day and T-20 which is explained in the picture below

In a test match, both teams wear the white jersey(or sweaters) and the trousers and the game is played by 2 pieces red ball. In the t-20 and ODI match, both teams were their national team jersey and these games are played with white(4 pieces) and pink(during night games under floodlights) balls.

I've just tried to explain the basics of cricket on this post. Hope this post helps everyone to understand on basics of cricket.