Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim

In the last Dhaka Premier League, Nurul Hasan Sohan was in the celebration of scoring runs after losing 5 wickets for 81 runs in the Super League. He won the team with Miraj by making a partnership of 153 runs and finally scored a century in that match. Sohan scored 482 runs in the 2018 match. Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi First Nature His big contribution behind him but Nurul Hasan Sohan was not able to pull this face of domestic cricket at the international level but with the passage of time Nurul Hasan Sohan has now matured and now he has the opportunity to play all the matches in all formats of the Caribbean. There should be a lot of noise because his wanted 82.50 although only six matches career but there is no hope in the last ODI then Tamim Iqbal said that Sohan's batting in the ODI series has finished the match in two out of the three matches. The win was very close but in the second ODI, the situation was reversed for Bangladesh Sohan


Team Tigers needed 66 runs when they came out to bat with only 5 wickets in hand from where Sohan finished the match unbeaten on 32 off 38 balls.

Overall, Sohan was great with the bat in the Caribbean tour, counter-attacking the West Indies fast bowlers and picking up 20 in two Tests. Haseni scored 32 runs in three T20 matches. Unfamiliar 32 and in the first match he was Anbi tensed, if Suhane Chaka Paka Tamim Iqbal thinks so, but how the team management will organize after the return of Yasir Ali and Mushfiqur Rahim is now time to see.