The internet is a place where fake rumours spread like fire. Sky Sports, one of the most recognized sports news organization, published an article on 28th Feb 2015. In the post, they described ABD as an all-rounder where they mentioned a list of over-hyped accomplishments, which later declared as rumours or half-truth by ABD in his book (AB- the Autobiography). If you are an ABD fan, then I am damn sure you consider those as an ABD “facts”.

De Villiers was the caption of South African Junior rugby,” the article says. False, he played rugby for fun and entertainment. He never represented his country or nor he was the captain.

De Villiers was shortlisted for the South African national hockey squad,” The article says. In truth, he played hockey for the first time at high school, when he was a member of Afrikaanse Hoer Seunskool u-16 team. But, he was never shortlisted for the national squad. He never came remotely close to that level.

De Villiers was shortlisted for the South African national football squad,” the article says. False, he never played football at any professional level. The only time he played is during school lunch break and some time for the warm-up sessions.

De Villiers is still the holder of six national school swimming record,” the article says. Lol! He once set a record of underwater breath stroke at warm baths during primary school. He was never close to achieving any national school swimming record.

De Villiers has the record fastest 100 m sprint time among South-African Junior sprinter, ”the article says. He never sprints at all. He laughingly said in an interview that he would create a record if he were riding a motorbike.

De Villiers was a member of national junior Davis Cup tennis team,” the article says. There is no such entity like national junior Davis Cup tennis team, although he used to rank as national no. 1 in his age group.

De Villiers received a national U-19 badminton champion,” the article says. In his entire life, he only played one time with Mark Boucher

De Villiers received a national medal from Nelson Mandela for a science project.” In his whole educational career, he never took part in any science project. He considers himself privileged that he met Madiba twice, both time when he was a member of proteas squad.

De Villiers plays off a handicap of scratch in golf,” the article says. False, although he loved to drive the ball at a reasonable distance, he never learns the formal lesson of game. The only proudest golf moment of his life is when he hit the drive, and it crosses his brother drives and overhead Wessel.