On February 26, Pakistan's popular media Geo News reported that Afghanistan's leg-spinner Rashid Khan will not play a third one-day series against Bangladesh in the Pakistan Super League PSL final to play Bangladesh in the PSL final. The question of love for the French league arose all around but this time the popular liner said that the real truth is the duty of the country or the PSL. It would have been nice to play in the SL final but it is not happening again because of playing for the national team. I wish my captain Shaheen Shah Afridi and the team all the best. Rashid is playing one day series against Bangladesh and Nastanabud took four wickets in the first over of the ODI series against Afghanistan

After 28 defeats to Iran in the second, the cornered team has lost its first ODI series in Afghanistan after 21 years of milk under the pressure of not having a team like them. Afghanistan failed to win any of them. Whitewash against West Indies in 2021 and the place to whitewash in the Netherlands ODI match was confident but this time Bangladesh pulled that confident Afghan team to the ground again.

The two youngsters of the Afghan series have done well in the first ODI. The pair of Pick Miraj, who pulled the team from the brink of defeat in the first ODI, and the second ODI century to become the batting consultant of Bangladesh, it is a great thing for the former guru Let him know how fascinated he is in first class with this responsibility and Lytton. They are quality turbulent cricketers. The more they play, the more years they will get. These are stressful games for my boys. They have to win. Junior cricketers are also needed to support them. If there are talents in the team, it will be easier for the coaches to do their job. The challenge will be to bring the young talents out of the shell of a big team like a small team Against

The Tigers may be better off holding hands with their former mentor to convince Rohini of his cricketing prowess.