The world has not only seen the new look of Virat Kohli but also the English cricketer of Rajasthan's Nayakraj who was seen in the IPL final again after 14 years after losing to Virat Kohli Sagar. The sameVirat Kohli has suffered the most in the day after playing the second qualifier for Bangalore three times but he failed in this important place in every seat. He failed in bidatThe English cricketer had a big regret on the stage, IPL 15, but he did not have a century. Butler finally met the most desired. Butler, who got the chance to play in the last match against Hyderabad in 2021, made it clear that Virat Kohli, who had earlier managed to score 4 centuries, broke that record in IPL season by losing to Kohli.

Butler has been the best batsman in Qatar since the beginning. Virat Kohli took in one season and their collection is 824. The rest of the final matches are still in their own rhythm. What was before 90Butler has also included Virat in the list of runs scored in the IPL century. Butler Chris Gayle, the highest-scoring cricketer in IPL history, has scored a century next to his name and five centuries next to the names of the two batsmenVirat Kohli shed tears of frustration on Butler's happy day. No matter how many times he made it possible to win the trophy. This time against Rajasthan, the desired IPL title will be seen in 78 balls