Fun Page A Leki Dapat is starting in various countries around the world, but the IPL of India has been the biggest focus in India's IPL. A prize report says that at least 15 cricketers in the country have come to the UAE League, and those cricketers will be threatened by Big Bash, who is running at the same time, will be threatened by Australian cricketer David Warner for the United Arab Emirates league. He is believed that David Warner was expected to walk the same path in the same path after the name of the Arabian League, the big reasons behind the name of the Arabian League should be focused on that account. One cricketer from the highest one Season

You can earn $ 20 million in the UAE, the United Arab Emirates can be built in the Big Bash League in the Big Bash League, a cricketer's interest in the country is diminishing from the UAE in one season. Cricketers have to choose one of the assumptions in the same period as a result of February 6, from January 12 to February 12 The CEO of the Australian cricketer, Players Union's CEO for the Pradeep Board, recently said that what Australia cricketer would think would be good. If you do not go, they will help solve the problem from their responsibilities, but according to the agreement the Big B Jaw

If any cricketer is not obliged to the league, they will be able to play in the outside country in their own country, they are now thinking of raising the salary allowance of national team cricketers in the popular Big Bash League. Interesting offers will have to give them the popularity of their country cricketers in the league.