Pakistan's Babar Azam, the number one batsman in the T20s at the moment, is at the top of the rankings with 805 rating points. Kings captain Babar at the bottom of the six-team points list at the bottom of the six-team six-match series. Karachi lost all four of the four matches. Azam was 63 not out from the start but still hit Inzamam-ul-Haq. Babar 174 needed the last five overs to win Karachi when he was in the fridge. In the 17th over, Salman Israt repeatedly put pressure on Babar at crucial times to put pressure on Karachi. He flew away

Babar played with 9 wickets in the 18th over which increased the pressure. On the one hand Babar could not put pressure on the side but when required Padmapuran per over then Babar's ball was no longer boundary. If you are the number one cricketer in the world and you are in the city, then the match should have been over. Babu has to score 190 runs by spending half a ball alone against the world's best battery 20.