Among the 300 editions of cricket, the most talked about one-day test is now the 50-over format, which has overtaken the T20 in how many days. English batsman Jonny Bairstow could not keep quiet after saying goodbye to Ben Stokes' ODI cricket. 2019 World Cup tie when Stokes bid farewell to ODI cricket was the last ODI World Cup that the duo played together. After bidding farewell to ODI cricket, Jonny Bairstow took a different path when everyone was blaming the format. We have the game schedule schedule you want to play less it is quite difficult to say face to face but s of Tokes

Maybe there is a point to spend a long time before every match from practice sessions before every series but they want to keep themselves fit in The Hundred and other places like that. It's not a strategy story. A cricketer will get tired if he can handle the lure of T20 tournament at present, how much can Pandey ji say no to cricket for the country's cricket, many are leaving the national team for these tournaments. The best hero Simon may be in the plan. You know me well now. I will continue to play in 3rd version as long as possible. I will do as much as we can. Sometimes there may be days when I have to take tough decisions. But that is part of cricketing life. The year is going very well on the basis of 994 runs in Test matches. With a batting average of 6 centuries in ODI cricket, however, he is not able to express himself too much. This bat has 136 runs in five matches.

When turning to T20, Busy has played any T20 game this year against New Zealand in November last year.