Bangladesh were stuck during a cycle of failure after losing 5 matches within the main stage of the planet Cup. nobody was ready to bowl after bad batting but he couldn't pull that strength. nobody destroyed Mostafizur Rahman Shariful Islam. there's an error of captaincy with 18 and 19 overs. beat all, Bangladesh lost the primary T20 against Pakistan during a shameful way. Afif Hossain features a maximum of 34 balls for the Bangladesh team, forcing only 127 runs for the loss of seven wickets within the first 20 overs for the loss of seven wickets. It didn't go well. Md. Mostafizur Rahman lost the primary wicket within the World Cup . aren't getting me wrong

Pakistan Cricket Horny under the direction of Mehdi Hasan of Pakistan bogged down Pakistan's run-scoring momentum. The team was pulled out again by Fakhar Zaman and Preeti. Pakistan needed 32 runs within the last three overs but in Mustafizur's 18th over the girl returned from Pakistan. within the 19th over, Shariful Khan Newaz scored 115 runs in 2 sixes, then all they needed was just two runs.

Shoaib Ali went back with tons of regret. Mustafizur Rahman made an excellent delivery at the top of the unexpected sixth over of the team. As soon as Saurashtra Kari broke the stamp as soon as he got it and therefore the owner applied for the exit before he reached the top . initially he didn't understand what would happen. it's very difficult to simply accept the very fact that the owner could also be thinking in his mind.