Playing the last international match of his life on behalf of the new film, this is how the best batsman of New Zealand cricket said goodbye to the entire cricket world. Starting from New Zealand, the 38-year-old cricket world was shocked and saddened. Another record-breaking record is on the table.Tailore has hit the headlines as he heats up New Zealand cricket.He has been the victim of racism many times, forcing the entire Scotland Cricket Board to resign for racist activities last July. Khela Masjid Haque said that originally Majid made 12 of the 2015 World Cup cricket where he wrote that when you are in the minority everything becomes difficult and then the Sports Cricket Board came under the fire of Majid, the country's highest wicket taker and even sent him home from that World Cup. After the sports council in

Worms come out Snake sports 448 racist allegations against Cricket Board found to be true New Zealand Cricket Board has not made much noise so far but the style of saying 'goodbye' to cricket recently broke Ross Taylor recently wrote his autobiographical book called Ross Taylor made black-and-white New Zealand jersey the main title of his book, but in that autobiography, he brought up the racism he suffered in the New Zealand team because of his skin color, citing a section of black-and-white in the country's popular newspaper New Zealand Snake and then there was an uproar. If you take a look at the world of cricket, you will see that Ross Taylor has a different skin color than other New Zealand cricketers. According to his mother, he is from the community who are not many people from the indigenous community of New Zealand. Not many people get a place in the New Zealand team, but Ross Taylor was not an exception. Cricket is basically a white man's game in cricket life R

Most of the time I was the exception to the team, which is a big problem. You don't get as much acceptance from your teammates or the general public because you don't see many people from the Polynesian community come into the game, so people mistake me for a Maori Indian. Told me you're half good but hope you're half good you know what I'm talking about I understand others in the team have had to face bad words from their own community Recognized as New Zealand's greatest batsman of all time New Zealand's highest run scorer in ODIs he is the self-absorbing Taylor. Search for New Zealand cricket after racism allegations heats up Color is sarcastic about these

Even in the country of Chali, however, cricket does not condone casteism at all