There is a different trend in Indian cricket. Sixes in the head and sixes off the field. Cricket is practiced in a different way in India, the country with the largest number of fans in the world. In India, doing well in 22 yards means outside 22 yards. The all-rounder hit the field just like that, the all-rounder, Hardik's band has increased by 30 to 40 percent in the Indian market. This picture is now the most popular subject of Hardik fans in the net world. Now the biggest expector Hardik in 2019 running to go to the London surgery table let alone walking was the biggest pain then he didn't know when he would be able to serve the Indian team again then he had his best friend but Hardik came back bit by bit Mumbai in IPL Not once said 2020 2021 season Har raised a total of 14 times in 2021 T20 World Cup direction

There was a lot of criticism around then, if he could not do the order, then if he could not do it, then what was the point of holding him, Hardik was released after the World Cup. Hardik himself told the comeback story to win Gujarat the first title and the next story is not only Hardik but in the hottest match of the Asia Cup against Pakistan, Nayak scored 730 runs for three wickets to win the match. The six-hit movie made a place in the hearts of billions of viewers. Hardik's brand value increased by 30 to 40 percent in the last six months. New companies are now taking care of the financial affairs of Indian jewelry. Rice World-wide is a company. The official of this company recently told the Indian media that among the eleven brands. Long contracts with bands We have contracts with five other bands almost ripe Amy

We will inform that within the month. At the end of this year, Hardik Pandey will be the face of Hardik. The company has not disclosed the number of how much money Hardik earns for each advertisement. Off the middle Hardik's green light is now a 22 yard six off the field.