Misrecognition of pc in gameplay, bad batting-fielding is misery and bad bowling display of pacers in bowling, opening so much in a t20 match and even thinking about wireless is stupid. Bangladesh failed in all departments against afghanistan. Shakib put the blame on the batsmen but despite changing everything, he failed to recognize that wicket in Bangladesh cricket with three pacers in the Bangladesh XI class tomorrow with a target of 128 runs in the first batch of T20I is a matter of luck. 43 runs captain Shakib Al Hasan returned to Mustafiz and gave 17 runs in the over and in the next over another pacer used Shakib Saifuddin's 22 runs in that over and in these two matches Afghanistan took out Mossadeq in the last over but the match was almost over but if there was another spinner Ekadashi in this match The calculation could have been different, but Mosaddeq thinks everything is fine

There were a lot of things after the loss that I think it would have been better. I think from my position I definitely don't think everything was fine. Just maybe we could have done a little bit better. Can't match batting and bowling as well as fielding in T20 cricket. In such a low-scoring match against Afghanistan and the fielding is fragile, captain Rahmatullah missed the catch in the third time of Bangladesh's dance. Bangladesh can't come out of that old look if you are under pressure. Statistics show that Bangladesh missed the most catches from 2003 to 2015, but with the passage of time, Namidami Kaushani did not improve much. Their number from 2018 to 2019 only increased with Bangladesh's match loss. It is a mistake to forget that the team was responsible for the match loss against Afghanistan. in

Bangladesh's fragile condition has taught from the match, 5.6 in Bangladesh T20 this year, but no one except Liton can repay the trust. Against Afghanistan, Shakib Mushfiq returned home after losing the opening pair of the first four special Bangladesh and finally Musaddiq Hussain came forward to save the standard with 31 balls. Mujibur Rahman's 48-run innings and Rashid Khan's 65 points were the last of Bangladesh's points. Mosaddek Hossain raised his voice against the spin in the 140-run innings. I think because Mirpur has a lot of respect for the wicket and when Mirpur is having a good time, the first thing we noticed was that when we batted it was a bit difficult. If we could have added 10-15 times, maybe we could have done something different in the Asia Cup match.

After losing the first match, Bangladesh faces a do-or-die equation. Bangladesh will face Sri Lanka on September 1. If they win two matches, Bangladesh will have a chance to reach the second round, otherwise they will go straight home.