Could it be that counseling has been dropped? 9 years after the incident in Bhadralok's cricket, Jahaz has opened his mouth with courage. Is there any such incident in IPL? Deyar claimed that what happened on that day was that Chahal got Rs 10 lakh in 2013 when he started his IPL career in 2013. For the first time, he got a chance to play in the IPL's Mumbai team. He got a chance to play a total of one match in the first edition. If it could have been the last story of life, the huge bandage in the national team IPL could have been extinguished. In a video shared by Rajasthan Royals on a dark night in 2013, Chahal recounted a horrific moment 9 years ago when I was in Mumbai Indians after the Bangalore match in 2013. There was a get-together watching the situation. After a while he called me outside and then took me to the balcony and threw me down. Was

I was gripping her tightly. I slipped and fell from the 15th floor. Many came running to rescue me. I fell unconscious. They poured water on my head. Former India head coach Robbie Shastri has demanded a harsher punishment this time around, claiming that the cricketer involved in the incident was not effective. This is the first time I have heard of such a horrific incident. The cricketer should be banished for life and never come close to the edge of IPL again. Andrew Symonds at the hotel with lots of fruit juice and James Franklin tied my hands and feet and said, "Now you have to untie me and let me go home. ध

They go to the party. The party is over. In the morning the janitors untie it again and release it. They ask how long I have been reading it like this. The situation is not under their control when they are playing juice. They don't remember anything about driving at college or university. But what about the name of the league like IPL? Cricketer James Franklin and the tortured IPL champion young Chahal are thought to have been involved in a number of incidents in the IPL.