Before the IPL play-off battle is frozen, it is difficult to figure out how to sit in the top four seats. Capital Delhi Capitals have a fight to rise. Mustafiz was ready and even the question was thrown as to how many wickets the cutter would take against Hyderabad, but Mustafiz was not included in the team. He has also made a name for himself in the family's trust, but despite his stingy bowling, he did not tell the wicket-taker. However, the weakness of 7.63 Mustafiz's wicket-taking against Hyderabad brought Nokia to the tune of Rs 6.5 crore in the first match. Got a chance to get a chance in the team again increased the cost 3 5

The wicket was taken by David Warner in the Delhi jersey as if to show that he is not taking revenge on the 2021 IPL and it will never end. He regrets being able to do so, but he broke Chris Gayle's record in the high T20 format by breaking a great record at 22 and 36. He has a record of half a century and now Warner has 89 of the highest half-centuries. He was old so Warner's simple confession at the end of the match seemed to be full. Trying to score a quick run was nothing special to me but Powell was playing big. Opportunity was playing big. I wish I could spend more time in the gym, I just managed to keep 85 meters away

I can hit sixes in at least 100 meters. In one match, Rubban Pavel seems to be another great weapon of Delhi team. In the first edition of IPL, he was disappointed in one match after another, but now he is showing hope. In return for RJ Varsa, Pavel is looking for 171 pure gold in the last four matches. He has played against Saidabad. He has played against 35 balls.