Cricket Australia should be overwhelmed by the sudden Ashes victory of cricket A month later, the most popular SSC in Australia, where the undefeated England blew up 40 of their titles at home, led the Australian team that just wrote the story on the Ashes stage, starting with Usman Khwaja, saying everyone performed on the field, but behind the team he did the best off camera. Former coach Justin Langer has played a key role in Australia's T20 World Cup.

Langer has a four-year contract with Cricket Australia from May 2018 to June this year, but the coach has not been able to meet that time. Mitchell Johnson, the country's former star cricketer, thinks that Justin Langer could have resigned as captain Pete Kameez, but he did not read it and introduced himself as a coward. Ricky Ponting, one of Australia's best and most successful former captains, did not speak out in favor of Langer, but former national team star pacer Mitchell Johnson said in an Australian column that there was plenty of room for current captain Kamich Kamich but nothing. Did not make it clear and stay Chinese language A

"I can't believe another fast bowler is talking against me. Junction is talking about his chastity. I don't agree with him at all," he said in a statement on Wednesday. He did not contact me directly. He has the right to have his own opinion and is talking about his friend. But I can also proudly raise my head. No problem. Australia was successful in getting to the inside of the Test match but the success was in the story of regret